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The snap sukkah is easy to put together, with its interlocking steal bars that easily lock into one another. Its steel frame is coated with a rust proof paint to prevent rust and corrosion. Our easy to hang two toned waterproof fabric easily attaches to the frame with velcro and ties and a bag for storage . Our snap sukkahs also come with a windows and flap for added light, and a zipper door and screen to keep out bugs, and with beautifully decorated printed silk screens with Brochos and Ushpizin (optional).

Standard Sizes :
4 x6 ft.
6 x 8 ft.
8 x 10 ft.
8 x 12 ft.
10 x 12 ft.
10 x 16 ft.
12 x 16 ft.
(actual sizes may vary slightly due to manufacturing requirements)

E-Z Lock in

Mehadrin Lovud Straps

Folding Mehadrin bars, allows you to fold the crossbars for easy storage. all crossbars fold down to a maximum length of 7', and can be easily reassembled in just a click.

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Complete sets available for shipping anywhere in the USA. Choose from one of our four standard grades and we will send you a lulav, esrog, hadassim, and aravos in one package. Esrogim types available are: Yanover and Israeli [including Kfar Chabad].

For bulk, higher-grade or special individual orders, email us at or call our CityCard Offices (888) 99-ESROG or 888-993-7764 ext 1.

Esrogim Center accepts check, money orders and the following major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

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